Our advantages

Our advantages

 Workingpreimuschestva on the theme “Independence, reliability, professionalism and awareness”, and basing on extensive private database JV “Uzconsaltservice” provides first-class services to uzbek impor
ters and exporters. JV carries out its licensed activities in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, the provisions of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan and provides a wide range of high-quality consulting services for more than 19 years.

Based on the experience of working together with SGS company (Switzerland) and unconditional compliance with the Code of Business Conduct of JV «Uzconsultservice» provides for compliance generally accepted ethical standards and the constant maintenance of the highest level of integrity.

In this regard, a key factor in the further growth of the joint venture “Uzconsaltservice” activities will be:

  1. Preservation of close partnerships with long-standing customers of JV “Uzconsaltservice” and attract new customers.
  2. Search of ways of performing impeccable mutual agreement.
  3. Absolute confidentiality of information, the reliability of expertise on which customer can rely.
  4. The use of internal resources to develop business in new directions.

JV “Uzconsaltservice” continues to work on the diversification of the package. To this end, a JV regularly conducts surveys of enterprises, preparing and distributing questionnaires, analyzing them in order to identify needs of customers for new types of consulting services.

In our view, any company occupied whether in production goods or in the provision of services can be considered to be quite balanced and relevant only in the event that its activity involves the production (services) of high-quality import – replacing and export-oriented products.

For «Uzconsultservice» one of the ways to increase its export potential of services is equal participation in the international tender commissions, increasing the provision of services for foreign investors interested in developing their business in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the opening of representative offices of JV abroad.