Our services

I. Consulting in the field of foreign economic relations. Providing customer with diverse consultations and guidance’s in the field of foreign trade, exports and imports, capital construction, development and promotion of business:
– Finding a reliable foreign business partners, defining and confirming their reputation. The company helps organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan on selection of optimally suitable foreign partners;
– Consulting support of investment projects, including the development of documentation. Representation of foreign companies on the market of Uzbekistan, as well as in public institutions;
– Consulting on certification of imported goods.

II. Price expertise of contracts. (Register of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan №002681 from 06.05.1997). Study of import and export contracts for compliance with regulatory and legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main consumers of these services are the enterprises of oil and gas, mining, metallurgical and energy industries. The expertise also includes the collection of reliable pricing information, synthesis and analysis in comparison with the prices specified in the worked out contract. After removing all the expert noted inconsistencies and violations issued “an expert conclusion” that contract price complies with market prices in a given region, as well as the prices of manufacturing plants.
After holding an expertise JV takes responsibility for the results of work performed before the supervisory authorities of the Customer.

III. Price Marketing. Price marketing includes price research of world and domestic market on the list of goods and services provided by customers, the definition of maximum and average market price.
The company also conducts analysis of prices for goods and services in the world and domestic markets by obtaining reliable price information, synthesis and analysis in comparison with the prices provided by the client. Joint Venture «Uzconsultservice» takes responsibility for the results of work performed before the supervisory authorities of the Customer.
Over the past five years by JV «Uzconsultservice» were conducted researches on defining average and maximum market price on the list of more than 500 kinds of imported goods and services. The main part of them imported high-tech equipment, tools, raw materials production facilities, engineering and other professional services.
Clients of the company during this period were “Uzbekistan Temir Yollari” NHC “Uzbekneftigaz”, JSC “Uzbekenergo”, Navoi MMC, Almalyk MMC , JSC “Uzmetkombinat”, “Mubarek Gas Processing Plant”, Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, UE “Transgaztehnikbutlash”, Uzenergotaminlash, Uzkomgosrezerv, Uztashkineftegaz, Uzbekumir, “Navoi TPP”, Novo-Angren TPP, Talimardjan TPP, Ministry of internal affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Higher Education, and others.
Ongoing contract expertise by JV «Uzconsultservice» ensures the effective use of foreign currency to imported goods and equipment in Uzbekistan. So, based on the recommendations and issued by “Uzconsaltservice” expert conclusions on these contracts produced a decrease in purchase prices, which contributed to the savings free currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the amount of 50 mln. US dollars.

IV. Organization and carrying out of tenders. Experts of the company carry out elaboration of the tender documentation, as well as organize and conduct competitive (tender) bids for the selection of the winner, in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the procedures of the World Bank.
The list of services the company on organization and conducting tender bids includes:
– Clarifications on procedural matters of tenders to customers and participants of tenders;
– Preparation of tender documentation;
– Publication of announcements on holding tenders in the media, including websites http://tenderweek.uz, http://dgmarket.uz;
– Search for potential suppliers (manufacturers);
– Sending invitations to tender bids to companies and organizations near and far abroad;
– Familiarization of companies and organizations wishing to participate in tenders with the conditions and procedures of tenders;
– Provision of tender documents to participants;
– Reception of applications and tenders from bidders, ensuring their keeping, security and confidentiality;
– The organization of meetings of the tender commission and registration of minutes of meetings;
– Notification of the participants on the results of tenders.

As a working body for 2013-2016

Year Name of the customer Name of trading subject Note
2013 SUE “Imkon” Selecting projector
2013 JSC “Bekabadcement” Supply of spare parts for cement equipment
2013 Andijon Biokimezavodi Purchase of CO2 recovery plant
2013 JSC “Kukonspirt” Purchase of CO2 recovery plant
2013 “Bektemirspirt” Purchase of CO2 recovery plant
2013 LLC “ASL OYNA” Procurement of equipment for the production of glass containers
2013 JSC “Bekabadcement” Supply of reference blocks for the modernization of the rotary kiln roasting plant
2013 SUE “OZGASHKLITI” Acquisition of specialized equipment
2013 JSC “Bekabadcement” Supply of refractory products
2014 UE “Uzelektroset” Replacement of air switches for gas-insulated World Bank
2014 “Tashkent TPP” Replacement of air switches for gas-insulated World Bank
2014 JSC “Farg’onaissiqlikelektrmarkazi” Replacement of air switches for gas-insulated World Bank
2014 JSC “Quartz” Purchase of wheeled excavator, front loader and bulldozer
2014 JSCB “Agrobank” Supply of server hardware, storage, IT and telecommunications equipment IT
2014 JSCB “Agrobank” Supply of computer, office and network equipment IT
2014 Samarkand region division of the State Customs Committee Purchase of equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
2014 UE “Tashkent HPP kaskad” Modernization “Cascade SHAKHRIKHAN HPP (HPP SFC-1)” World Bank
2014 “Uzbekinvest CIMS development IT
2015 JSC “Uzmetkombinat” CIMS Implementation IT
2015 SUE “Imkon” Elaboration preliminary feasibility study
2015 JSC “Uzdonmahsulot” Implementation CIMS, including supply of videoconferencing system IT
2015 JSC “Quartz” Replacing the centrifugal air compressor World Bank
2016 JSC “Halkbank” Upgrading storage systems IT
2016 Republican Road Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan Development and implementation of CIMS IT
2016 JSC “Halk bank” Modernization of hardware and software IT
2016 JSC “Halk bank” Purchase of personal computers IT
2016 “Asaka” bank Delivery of complex switching equipment for the modernization of the corporate network IT
2016 Tashkent city division of the State Customs Committee Purchase of furniture for office buildings

2016 JSC “Uzneftegazdobycha” Purchase of complex heat recovery equipment for power generation World Bank

V. The development of business plans and feasibility studies. Specialists of JV «Uzconsultservice» have a time-tested experience of development business plans and feasibility study (FS) of investment projects in accordance with international principles and requirements of the Government of Uzbekistan for enterprises in various sectors of the economy.
VI. Services for the implementation of pre-shipment and /or unloading inspection of imported and exported goods (Certificate of Accreditation Agencies “Uzstandard» №UZ.AMT.11.MAI.018 from 03.06.2014, the). Independent verification of the quantity and quality of the goods for compliance with terms of the contract prior to shipment by the supplier or on arrival at the destination to avoid adverse situations and consequences. Pre-shipment inspection of goods can significantly reduce the buyer’s risk and minimize its costs.